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"We are the pre-eminent platform from which to run your messenger or courier business. We provide the most comprehensive, all encompassing software application available today. We are a proven, customer service oriented, totally accountable company. Our product and our staff are bilingual.

No one in the industry matches our experience, our ability, or our desire to ensure that you receive exactly what you request, have been sold and have paid for - now or in the future. And we GUARANTEE it!"

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With time being the most important, and arguably, least available tool in your business, CourierPRO's focus is to continually create more of it...or at the very least, allow you to do more in less of it. If you are like most in your industry, you are constantly looking for higher performance software solutions driven by increasingly user friendly applications to help manage your business and increase your bottom line.

To you, such a solution will not only have a quick return on minimal investment, but will allow you to focus on core competencies - not coordinating software platforms and managing technical support.

For over 25 years, CourierPRO has been developing and marketing transportation software solutions dedicated to the movement of envelopes, parcels and freight. Whether your clients ship full truck loads, do mass distributions, or individual direct drives within your immediate metropolitan centre, or ship orders coast to cost or internationally, CourierPRO manages all this with a single entry relational database.

Realizing that market trends are dynamic, and so to are your operating protocols, we continually invest in the improvement of CourierPRO through ongoing collaboration with leading companies in the bus, transport, courier and messenger industries.

The expertise and diversity of these companies assures you of a product that responds to the transportation industry at large - and your requirements infinitely.

The technical architecture used by CourierPRO is Windows NT. The programming language, which has to be equally reliable, stable and performance oriented is WINDEV.  This 4GL language perfectly integrates with Windows and permits total flexibility for programming and modification to your needs.

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